Detailed Course Information




Detailed Course Information


All courses begin and end at Ski Santa Fe, which is located approximately 15 miles from the city of Santa Fe. (Please see Directions to the Race Locations and Aid station) The courses are run on single-track trail and sections of closed jeep roads.  Runners can expect to find varied terrain from smooth hard packed surfaces to technical steep rocky sections.  With the exception of the 1 mile uphill route, all of the events start and end on a multi-mile downhill with significant elevation change.  We strongly encourage all runners to study the elevation profiles for more detailed information.

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course Markings

All of the courses will be marked with color specific flags and markings to facilitate route finding for runners.  New for 2017 will be color markings that match runner bib colors.  For example, the 50 kilometer event will have red bibs, and red course marking.  Runners are encouraged to follow their specific course color markings that will be either secured to trees, rocks, ground or other objects as necessary to direct them. It will be important for runners to carefully watch for diversions, as the different race distances will share parts of the same course.  Major junctions will be marked heavily with flagging and ground markings such as flour and will be continuous through the junction for several hundred feet.  When events split, there will be signs directing the different distances so please pay attention at these intersections. Course marshals will do their best to clearly mark the routes, but we strongly suggest runners study their respective routes ahead of time.

There will always be several flags immediately after an intersection.  Please retrace your steps if you do not see flagging immediately after a junction to ensure you have not strayed far from the course.  Always be aware of your course color, if you do not see your color specific markings or they have changed from one color to another, you may not be on the correct route. Volunteers will do their best to safeguard the course from moving and removal of flagging, but it is in every participant’s best interest to carefully study the route ahead of time and always be aware of your surroundings.  We will also mark sections of the course with reflective flagging that will be more visible with headlamps for nighttime running.

All runners should pay especially close attention < 1/4 mile below Ski Santa Fe parking area where the 13M route will  divert from from the 50k and 50m routes.  This intersection will be heavily marked and a course marshal should be present.  

50m and 50k runners should also pay close attention to the Rio En Medio Junction below Aspen Ranch and forest service road 412 and after crossing the Rio en Medio. 50 mile runners will run north up the Borrego trail and away from the Rio en Medio drainage toward the Rio Nambe while 50k runners will continue down valley along the river.   Some cross country areas along the 50 mile route may be marked more frequently to provide better route finding.



Aid Stations

There will be 5 aid stations along the 50 mile and 50 kilometer courses, 2 of those will also service the 13 mile course.  Limited aid stations will have water and limited food.  None of the aid stations will provide cups so please be prepared with your water bottles and hydration packs.  Please look at the split distances between aid stations.  There are several long sections between aid stations for both the 50k and 50m courses. Please carry enough water for proper hydration. We encourage runners to take a minimum 40oz. of water as temperatures and humidity levels can vary in September. 

Full aid stations will typically have the following:

  • Water
  • Electrolyte drink
  • Soda
  • Assorted salty foods such as pretzels, chips, peanuts
  • Fresh fruit such as oranges, bananas, watermelon, and grapes
  • Boiled potatoes with salt
  • Candy such as M&M’s, hard candy
  • Cookies and Fig Newtons,
  • Sandwiches (PB&J, Turkey/ham/Cheese)

Every runner is required to check in and out of each aid station.  Those dropping from the race are required to confirm their status with a race official at an aid station before leaving the course.

Runners who require special nutritional needs are encouraged to carry supplies with them and/or use their drop bags at the specified aid stations to resupply themselves.  The gels supplied by the race are intended to supplement your supplies in case of emergency. Please do not plan to support all your nutritional needs with on-course gels.

Pain Medication or any over the counter medications will not be provided to runners.  This includes ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antihistamines and antidiarrheal.  Runners should carry these supplies, or include them in their drop bag, if they anticipate needing them during the race.  Most aid stations will have a trained medical person, and a licensed medical person will be stationed at the Ski Santa Fe start/finish.

Crews are welcome at any aid station.  Several of the aid stations are either very remote or accessible by foot only, such as Rio En Medio.  Crews must follow any instructions given by the aid station captain and are asked not to interfere with aid station operations.  Pets are not allowed to run on the course, but can be with the crew provided they are leashed.

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Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be Friday September 1st from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at the Running Hub in Santa Fe.  The store is located at 1100 Don Diego Avenue. In an effort to reduce waste we encourage participants to build their own race packets.  We will include a race shirt and bib number.  Other vendor and business information will be made available but not distributed with packets.  Note: Runners unable to pickup their bibs and packets Friday will be able to pick them up Saturday morning September 2nd.

Race Day Information

 All runners are required to check in on race morning at least 15 minutes before the race starts even if you picked up your race bib number Thursday or Friday afternoon.  It is important that all participants confirm their bib number with a race official at the base facility at Ski Santa Fe prior to the start of the race so that we may accurately account for all runners.  Please notify a race official if you do not intend to run after having picked up your bib number.

Ski Santa Fe is located approximately 15 miles from downtown Santa Fe.  The driving time is approximately 35-40 minutes. All races will start adjacent to the base facility at Ski Santa Fe and run through the parking area before reaching single-track trail.  Please be aware of runners and course marking as you approach the parking area. 


Drop Bags

Drop bags should be clearly marked with the runner’s bib number, name, and aid station name.  Bags should be left at the base area next to the start line at least 15 minutes before the start of the race. 

50-mile runners may drop flashlights at any aid station where they have left a drop bag.   Be prepared to carry your light!  (see Safety information below)  Lights should also be clearly marked with race bib number and racer’s name. The start of the 50-mile will be very dark. Runners are crossing some steep, rocky, technical terrain, and we strongly encourage you to have at least one bright light that you can easily stow away.

We expect Drop bags from Pacheco Canyon Aid Station to be returned to the base facility at Ski Santa Fe by 2pm.  All other drop bags are expected to be returned to Ski Santa Fe by 8pm.  Runners wishing to retrieve bags designated for Big Tesuque Aid Station may pick them up earlier provided they have a bib number.  All drop bags should be collected on race day.  The race is not responsible for any unclaimed bags. 


Cutoff Times and Dropping out

 Please refer to the chart above for actual cutoff times for each aid station along each course. Runners that drop from any course must report to a designated aid station captain and return to the start/finish line to report to race officials. Runners that fail to report to the base lodge at Ski Santa Fe may be responsible for search and rescue costs.

Aid station captains will remove your bib number pull-tabs and guide you to the nearest trailhead.  There are numerous remote aid stations and it is imperative that runners do not leave the course by any other route for safety reasons.

Awards and Post Race Events

Awards will be given to all finishers in all races.  Top finishers for each course for both Males and Females will be awarded.   Top finishers for the Uphill mile, 13 mile, 50 kilometer and 50 mile events will be awarded immediately upon completion. 

We will have live music at the finish line after 12:30.  Runners, crew, family, and friends are encouraged to celebrate with others runners after completion and enjoy the ski area from the outdoor deck. We will provide light refreshments and snacks for all runners after the race and will begin serving food from the grill after noon.  Runners will be provided a ticket in their racer packet for complimentary lunch.  Food will be available for others to purchase from Ski Santa Fe. 

We anticipate some runners of the 50 Mile event to finish after dark, and we anticipate celebrating theirs and all course completions into the night.



Pacers are allowed for the 50M and 50K events. 

50M pacers can start as early as Pacheco canyon aid station.  They may also join runners at either Borrego or Big Tesuque Campground, but please be advised that parking is limited at both of these locations.  50K pacers will also be allowed to join their runners at Borrego trailhead and Big Tesuque Campground.  All pacers must be self-supported.



There will be cell phone reception on sections of the course, but there will be other more remote areas in which reception is spotty. Race emergency contact phone numbers will be given at packet pickup.  We recommend storing these numbers in your phone in the event of an emergency.  Please do not rely entirely on phone service for your safety. 

Aid stations will typically have a trained medical person on hand for assistance with non life-threatening injuries.  If you are unable to reach the next aid station, either go back to the previous aid station or stay in place.  Leave the course only from a designated aid station. 

All courses at some point travel over steep rocky terrain and will be run at altitude.  Please take all precautions and remember that you are in remote to semi-remote areas.  Be respectful and mindful of other competitor’s safety and well-being. 

Runners may encounter wildlife on the trail or road and should always be alert and aware of their surroundings.  The range of elevation and availability of water is a determinant for wildlife habitat.  Bears, deer, elk, mountain lion, bobcat may be seen at higher elevations.  At lower drier elevations be aware of rattlesnakes. 


Crew Information

 Crews are welcome to support runners at any aid station, but most aid stations are either remote and require at least a short hike and/or have limited parking. Borrego trailhead and Big Tesuque Campground are aid stations located on the ski basin road, but keep in mind parking is very limited. 

Refer to maps for access to Pacheco Canyon Aid station.  Forest service road 102 can be accessed off of the ski basin rd. (Hwy.  475) between Big Tesuque campground and Aspen Vista trailhead. This is a 7 mile forest service dirt road that is rough, but passable for most low clearance vehicles.  It can be slow going! The alternative is to drive approximately 25-30 miles into Santa Fe and around. 

Ski Santa Fe will be operating its lower chairlift so crew may ride the lower chair and continue on foot to the Tesuque Peak aid station to see runners summit.  Crew for the Uphill mile may also ride the chair to the finish line of the 1 Mile uphill race.  The chairlift will be open to the public and discounted rates will apply to all crew.



One of the best times to visit Santa Fe is between September and November. During this time, temperatures range from the high 20s to high 70s. The historic averages for September 10 in Santa Fe at 7000 ft. are high of 79ºF and a low of 46ºF. Temperatures will vary from this with change in elevation. 

On September 2, 2017 sunrise will be 6:37AM and Sunset will be 7:29PM.